Sense of Completeness

Varun n Snehal

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Snehal and Varun were the best of friends, sharing their love, life, and adventures together. They were each other’s fairy tale. One day, at college, Snehal was organizing her bookshelf while Varun playfully threw newspapers at her. They laughed and fought, and Snehal remembers the way he looked at her. She knew right then that she never wanted to go another day without hearing his laugh or seeing his face. She thought she had found her Prince Charming.

Although they didn’t start dating in college, their friendship blossomed into love. A few months later, Varun proposed to her in his own unique, romantic way. They knew they belonged to each other in an honest way, where they could talk about anything without fear of judgment. Snehal had found a friend, lover, and soulmate in Varun, and together they were ready to face the battles and insecurities of life hand-in-hand.

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Sense of Completeness