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Frequently asked questions ( FAQ )

We completely understand that you may be trying to find out this information about our charges as early as possible so that you can plan out and arrange everything accordingly, but unfortunately, our rates and packages are not listed for public viewing on our site for a variety of reasons. We consider our prices as confidential information and are only shared with genuine clients. It is very simple to discuss regarding rates and packages as soon as we get in touch with you, & also a reason to smile about would be that we also provide custom packages tailored to customer’s specific requirements because we understand that every customer is different in their own way and we know there is no one size fits all, package that anyone can offer. Contact us now to get a free quote – Click Here

Nowadays people are very choosy about their wedding photographers and as a renowned photography team, Pixonova Weddings stays on top of a lot of people’s wish list hence we mostly get booked months and years prior to the event date and sometimes even before other wedding arrangements. Every couple is important to us but the calendar has limited dates only. Make sure you get that ticked in your name.

Oh man! it’s like asking a bird, whether she likes to fly. Yes, of course, we like and we love destination weddings and we will be more than happy to be a part of yours. We are consistently working all across India to new places and new venues to cover weddings and other events and we will surely try to join in your journey of getting married at the location of your choice.

We really understand your concern and we know that getting married can be expensive sometimes, but as you know, the memories are priceless & the only way to truly preserve your memories is by our hard work and dedication towards your occasion and making sure that true to life flavors are captured & preserved. The packages we offer to our clients were revised several time to make sure that they are the best possible price that we can provide while making sure the quality of the work is maintained throughout your journey with us. We understand that there are a lot of stuff that you need to pay for during your wedding and some things are more important than others but frankly speaking, premium things comes with a premium price tag for so many reasons, & premium wedding photography is no different. The kind of effort & skills it takes to create images like you see on our website, makes it even harder to make our packages negotiable.

We are based in Kolkata, India and you can be rest assured we won’t mind traveling to your location for your wedding. As a team, we love traveling all over India and we are also open for assignments globally.

We have an extremely easy and step-by-step booking procedure that will be informed to you over a call as soon as you complete the first step in the link below. Request couple approval and availability – Click Here. For more information, you can get in touch with us on +91 8 -013-014-015

There are no additional charges for outstation weddings.Our remunerations remain the same from Kolkata to Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai or mostly anywhere else in India. We do not even charge for outstation traveling also. In case of outstation works clients are sometimes requested to arrange modest accommodation for our team.

Although half cooked food is tasty sometimes, but a five-star chef will always serve you with a proper garnishing.

The world is quickly moving towards cinematography. We feel gone are the days of traditional way of documenting a wedding. Since the infancy of PIXONOVA, we have only focused on creating beautiful stories with our cinematic style of storytelling. 

We do not provide half day / partial day coverage. Each full working day is considered as 8-9 hrs of work and though we work additional hours if required, but those are charged later on a pro rata basis according to the plan chosen/ arrangements done earlier the day. If you wish to get a half day or partial day coverage then, in that case, you will get charged for the entire day because we will be loosing potential business on that day.

We don’t just take a picture, we make a photograph.though usually we do not like to limit the number of images that gets delivered, but in order to get through and get delivered to you, the photographs has to go through a lot of selection & post production phrases. Every package that we provide, comes with an approximated count of images to be delivered, but still, the count of images are dependent on several matters like the count of opportunities, a number of guests and much more. After every shot, our photographers will always be looking for the next better opportunity to shoot.

Yeah sure. Wedding albums are awesome, it’s a piece of art that stays with you for a long long time and we love to see that smile once you open that. We provide genuine Canvera photobooks with a certificate from canvera and an online pin to view your album online. You can also select a canvera according to your liking from vast range of option. Nowadays the modern style photo books are much much more than sticking images together in albums and we take pride as our wedding albums are one of a kind. We provide premium quality photo book designs that capture your love and memories in vibrant colors and in sophisticated style with everlasting non-tearable/ textured page options also which feels amazing to touch and to keep for a lifetime.

It takes a lot longer to edit than to shoot it, trust me we won’t be loosing so much time if it isn’t worth it. Each and every image that gets delivered is edited.

Delivery of your wedding photos depends on multiple things and usually, the complete set of images gets delivered within 4-8 weeks max of the wedding. As soon as your wedding is complete, if requested we also provide a few images for a quick social media upload within a few days after the event date. Once soft copies of all the images are delivered, we suggest our clients to choose the images to get them printed. If necessary we may also help in choosing images which make their way to the final album/ photo book. As soon as the images are selected, those are sent to the Pixonova photobook designing team and from designing to getting stuff delivered can take up to 2 – 4 weeks and sometimes even more, just in case of high pressure as we never want half cooked food to be on your plate, just to save some time.

As a client, you will have all of the necessary rights for a non-commercial use. So you can easily share them on social media, show them to a friend and family & get prints done or create a new photo book or any other non-commercial use. Just in case you want to resell your images or do any commercial use then only you need to get in touch with us first as rights to the wedding images are of “Pixonova”.

It’s not the camera that takes the photo, it’s the person behind the camera. Cameras are dumb and the best of them don’t know anything about composition, lighting, exposure and most importantly they don’t have any idea about moments and feelings. It’s the magic of our photographers, that is on display on our website. But still, if you are interested in the gears only, we will be more than happy to list out the number of Full Frame cameras, high optical quality fast lenses, high-quality lights, light modifiers, reflectors that we use and the list is ever changing which has no end.

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Frequently asked questions ( FAQ )